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Frequently Asked Questions

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    1. What are GUSD elementary magnet schools?
    Magnet schools offer students unique, theme-based educational experiences in academically rich and culturally diverse environments. All magnet programs fulfill Glendale Unified School District's requirements for promotion and graduation. In addition, some of the GUSD elementary magnet schools offer Dual Language Immersion programs. Applicants may apply to those programs as well.

    2. Who may apply to the GUSD elementary magnet schools?
    Students eligible for enrollment in a GUSD elementary school may apply to a GUSD elementary magnet school. Students eligible for enrollment in a school outside of the GUSD boundaries may apply to a GUSD elementary magnet school but will be required to obtain a release from their district of residence and an inter-district permit if selected for a magnet school.

    3. Are there restrictions for applying?
    Some grade level restrictions apply to specific programs. Residency proof requirements do not apply to students experiencing homelessness who are eligible for enrollment as determined by the Homeless Education Liaison at (818) 241-3111 x1500. All eligible applicants receive equal consideration and are selected through a random student selection process according to elementary magnet selection priorities.

    4.  Do currently enrolled elementary magnet school students need to complete an application to continue in the magnet school?
    Students currently attending a magnet school do not need to reapply for their space in the school.

    5.  Do siblings of currently enrolled students in an elementary magnet school get priority in the application process?
    Applicants seeking placement at a school in which a currently enrolled sibling is attending and will continue to attend in the upcoming school year will have priority over applicants without currently enrolled siblings. In-district resident siblings will have priority over out-of-district siblings. The sibling must live in the same household and have at least one parent/guardian in common.

    6.  Do applicants who reside within the boundaries of GUSD have priority over applicants who reside outside the GUSD boundaries?
    Applicants residing within the GUSD boundaries have priority over applicants residing outside of GUSD's boundaries; however, GUSD residency does not guarantee new applicants’ admission to an elementary magnet school/program.

    7. Do I need to attend a tour to apply to a magnet school?
    Elementary magnet school tours are strongly encouraged for at least one, if not all, of your choices. If your child is selected for a school at which you have not toured, you may be asked to complete a tour prior to the finalization of enrollment.

    8. If I am an out-of-district resident, what else do I need to submit in addition to my enrollment packet?
    In addition to the enrollment packet, students selected by the random selection process from outside GUSD must receive a release from their district of residence in order to complete the enrollment procedures. This includes obtaining a release from the home district. Inter-district permits are subject to space/capacity at schools, grade levels, and specialized programs.

    9. If I am currently on a waiting list for an elementary magnet school, do I need to re-apply for the upcoming school year?
    All students seeking admission to an elementary magnet school for the upcoming school year must apply. Waiting lists expire on September 30th.

    10.  Is there a limit to the number of elementary magnet schools for which I can apply?
    Applicants may indicate up to three program choices. Applicants are not required to make more than one choice. To complete the online application, click on the apply tab.

    11.  Is an assessment required for admission to an elementary magnet school?
    No assessment is required for application to an elementary magnet school as long as you are not applying to a Dual Language Immersion Program at the school. 

    12.  How do I submit my application? 
    The magnet application will be available for online submission during the application window. Only eligible applications submitted by the deadline will be included in the random student selection. 

    13.  Are applications approved on a first-come, first-served basis? 
    All applications which are submitted and completed by the application deadline will be eligible for placement in the random student selection and are not prioritized by the submission date. Applicant selection is determined through this random selection process according to elementary magnet selection priorities.

    14.  How will I know that my application was received? 
    You will receive a confirmation email verifying that your application has been submitted and you will be able to track the progress of your application status online. If you do not receive a receipt verification email five days before the random student selection, call the Office of Student Support Services at (818) 241-3111 x1283.

    15.  What happens if my application is received after the deadline or is not received?
    Applications will not be processed for the random student selection without proof of timely submission on or before the application deadline.

    16.  May I change my program selection(s) once I have submitted my application?
    Any changes in program selection(s) MUST be made by contacting the Office of Student Support Services at (818) 241-3111 ext. 1283. If more than one application is submitted, only the most recent application will be considered for the random selection process; all prior applications will be made ineligible.

    17. When will the random student selection take place?
    In adherence to COVID-19 safety protocols, the 2021 Lottery will be held virtually.

    18. How and when will I be notified of the Random Student Selection results?
    Results will be emailed to all applicants following the random student selection.

    19. How do I secure my child's spot at a magnet school?
    Following notification of admission to a magnet school, a district-required enrollment packet must be completed and returned to the magnet school within three weeks of receipt. Admission to an elementary magnet school is not confirmed until the enrollment packet is complete and approved by the school, this includes all permit requirements as applicable.

    20. What happens if I do not complete the enrollment packet within a three-week period?
    If selected applicants do not complete the enrollment packet within the three-week period, their application will become ineligible. Forfeited spaces will be given to the next applicant on the waiting list. 

    21. If I do not get accepted to an elementary magnet school, how do I determine my child's "home" elementary school?
    GUSD maintains a "Street Finder" shortcut on the district website home page at that can provide you with this information, or you may go directly to the Street Finder page by clicking here.

    22. May I stay on the waiting list of programs I apply to if I accept an offer?
    Once a spot is accepted in one program all other offers are automatically declined.

    23. How long will the waiting list remain valid?
    Waiting lists will be maintained until September 30th.  

    24. What happens to a student's enrollment status in a magnet school if the family moves outside of the GUSD boundaries?
    If a student enrolled in a magnet school who is not enrolled in a Foreign Language Academies of Glendale (FLAG) Dual Immersion Program, moves outside of the GUSD boundaries, the student must reapply to the magnet school and readmission will be determined based upon space available.

    25. Will transportation be provided?
    Transportation will not be provided to any GUSD school.

    26. How do I get additional information about applying to GUSD elementary magnet schools?
    Additional information is available from the Office of Student Support Services at (818) 241-3111 x1283.

Roosevelt STEAM logo

  • Do I need to apply for 7th grade through this application? 

    • Student is a current Roosevelt Student - NO
    • Student lives in the Roosevelt attendance area (find this information at Streetfinder) - NO
    • Student attends an elementary school that feeds into Roosevelt - this includes Cerritos and Edison Tech Magnet students- NO
    • Student is currently enrolled at Muir or Franklin in Dual Language Immersion Spanish program - NO
    • Student is currently enrolled at Franklin in the Dual Language Immersion German program- NO
    • Student lives outside of the Roosevelt attendance area (including students who live outside district boundaries)* - YES
    • Student is currently enrolled at Edison in the Dual Language Immersion Spanish program - YES
    • Student would like to be assessed to join the Dual Language Immersion German or Spanish programs at Roosevelt as a 7th grader (and is not currently enrolled in the elementary programs) - YES

    *Students who live outside of the Glendale Unified School District can also apply and will need to obtain an interdistrict permit if selected through the lottery*

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    1. What is the grade point average required?
    A grade point average of 2.0 (C or better) in middle school core subject areas (English, Math, Science and Social Science) is required for student applicants.

    2. Will the final grades in 8th grade also be considered?
    Yes. June grades will be reviewed at the end of 8th grade.

    3. Do students with a higher GPA have a better chance of acceptance?
    No. All students with grade point average of 2.0 and above in middle school core subject areas (English, Math, Science and Social Science) have the same chance and equal opportunity.    

    4. What are the math requirements for attending CMHS?
    All students MUST be eligible to take Integrated Math I or higher by the completion of their 8th grade year.

    5. Do behavior and attendance of the student also play a role on their acceptance?
    Yes. Satisfactory behavior, (no more than 5 total infractions of school rules or no more than two "U" unsatisfactory marks in citizenship during the last three semesters), attendance, (no more than 14 full day absences) and grades (C or better in core subjects) in the past three semesters are required to meet the application criteria. June grades, attendance and citizenship marks will also be reviewed at the end of 8th grade.

    6. What is the requirement on standardized tests?
    If applicant is attending a private school that administers standardized tests, the results must be provided.  

    7. My child's school does not believe in testing and grading system, therefore on his/her report card there are no grades. Would he/she be still eligible?
    GUSD follows the California State Standards and grades students accordingly. A grade point average of 2.0 (C or better) in middle school core subject areas of English, Math, Science and Social Science is required to apply for Clark. Therefore, the grades should be indicated on the student's last three semester transcripts.      

    8. My child's grades in 7th grade were below 2.0 but he/she is doing much better this semester. Can he/she be given a chance?
    No. All incoming 9th grade students are reviewed based on their official transcript in 7th and 8th grades.

    9. My child is not living in the United States yet.  He/she is studying in another country. Can I provide his/her transcripts and have him/her participate in the lottery?
    The student must be living with parent/guardian at the time of the lottery.  He/she needs to have his/her transcript and standardized test scores available.

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    1. Can outside residents of Glendale Unified School District apply to Clark?
    No. CMHS only accepts applications for residents of the Glendale Unified School District.

    2. Can resident students who do not attend a GUSD school also apply?
    Yes. If you are currently a resident of the Glendale Unified School District, but attend a school other than a Glendale public school at the time of the application process, you can apply to CMHS.

    3. What do we need to prove residency in Glendale?
    You need to provide two current utility bills under the name of one of the parents/guardians.

    4. If we have only one utility bill under our name, can we still participate?
    Yes. However, you would also need to provide a statement as to why the other bills are not under your name. You would also provide your lease agreement (if renting) or the deed of the house (if owning).

    5. We have no utility bills under our name, since it is all included in our lease/rent. How can we prove residency?
    You would need to provide the original lease agreement which indicates the above.  Also you can provide two other bills, such as home owner's insurance bills, auto or health insurance bills, Cable or cell phone bills.

    6. We are moving into Glendale this summer, (or sometime after the lottery) can my child still participate in the lottery?
    No. The two current utility bills need to be provided to GUSD by the application deadline.  Such students would need to apply after the lottery for the waiting list placement of for the following year.

    7. My child stays with his/her grandparents in Glendale during the week, because we are both at work during the day. He even sleeps there sometimes. Can we use our parent's address?
    No. A child cannot have two residencies.  Where he/she lives with his parents is his/her only residency.  Providing any other address will be considered fraudulent and disqualify the applicant.

    8. We are in the process of purchasing a home (in a 30 or 60 day escrow), could my child still apply to CMHS?
    Yes. You would need to provide a copy of the escrow document at the time of submitting all other documents, and the two current utility bills after the escrow goes through. If you are unable to provide the utility bills, then the applications will be forfeited, and your child will no longer be eligible to attend CMHS. 

    9. We have a few properties in Glendale, but we do not live in them.  Can we use the address of one of those properties since we are the owners.  We even pay the utility bills on some of them?
    No. Providing any address other than the one in which the student actually resides is providing a fraudulent address and will disqualify the application.

    10. My child lives with my sister/brother/in laws/parents in Glendale. The bills are under their name. Can we provide their bills?
    Only if the relative is the legal guardian of the student, will such applications will be accepted.  GUSD will request legal court documents to prove the "guardianship" of the relative and also two utility bills under the guardian's name.