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English Learners

Being a multilingual learner in 2020 is an advantage to a child in many ways. The goal of both the State of California and the Glendale Unified School District is to help your child fully realize this advantage.

Our District takes pride in our multilingual students, and wishes to celebrate their proficiency in English and in their native language. Students coming to Glendale Unified School District speaking another language will have the benefit of improving their English language skills while simultaneously honoring their home language and culture. We hope your child will not only become proficient in English, but also take advantage of the many opportunities available in Glendale Unified School District to maintain, refine, and demonstrate their native language proficiency. We look forward to recognizing your child as a senior with one or more of the State and District Bilingual Awards, once they meet the requirements at that time.

Description of Programs Options and Goals for English Learners

GUSD is required to offer, at a minimum, a Structured English Immersion (SEI) program option (EC Section 305[a][2]). A description of the language acquisition programs provided in the Glendale Unified School District are listed below. Parents may select the program that best suits their child. (20 6[e][3][A][iii],[v])

  • Structured English Immersion (SEI) Program 1: A language acquisition program for English learners in which nearly all classroom instruction is provided in English, but with curriculum and a presentation designed for pupils who are learning English. Instruction is based on ELD and grade level content standards. Students in Program 1 receive grades in English Language Development only for English Language Arts.
  • English Language Mainstream/(ELM) Program 2A language acquisition program for English learners in which students are taught ELD and other core subjects using district-adopted textbooks and supplementary materials. Instruction is based on ELD and grade level content standards. Students in Program 2 receive grades in English Language Development and English Language Arts.
  • Dual-Language Immersion (DLI) Program (English/Armenian/French/German/Italian/Japanese/Korean/Spanish): A language acquisition program that provides language learning and academic instruction for native speakers of English and native speakers of another language, with the goals of high academic achievement, first and second language proficiency, and cross-cultural understanding. Participation in the DLI program is contingent on application and space availability.

Schools in which the parents or legal guardians of 30 pupils or more per school or the parents or legal guardians of 20 pupils or more in any grade request a language acquisition program that is designed to provide language instruction shall be required to offer such a program to the extent possible. (20 U.S.C. Section 6312[e][3][A][viii][III]); (EC Section 310[a]). To request a different language program from those listed above, please submit an oral or written request to your school's office.

    • When a student first enrolls in a California school, their parent is required to complete a Home Language Survey (HLS) as part of the enrollment process. Based on the HLS, the student may be required to take the Initial ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessment for California). The Initial ELPAC is designed to assess whether the student would benefit from additional support in acquiring the English language. There are three possible outcomes from the Initial ELPAC. The student can be identified as Initial Fluent English Proficient (IFEP), as a Novice English Learner, or as an Intermediate English Learner. If the student's test results show them to be IFEP, they will not receive English Learner support services. If theyare determined to be a Novice or Intermediate English Learner, they will receive services at their appropriate level of English Proficiency during the regular school day.
    • Once a student is identified as an English Learner, they will remain in the ELD program until they meet all four criteria for Reclassification to Fluent English Proficient. The State of California requires the student to receive Designated and Integrated English Language Development instruction until they reclassify. This instruction is based on the English Language Development Standards of 2012 and is designed to support acquisition of both academic as well as conversational English skills in order to support their achievement across all subjects and for college and career readiness.
    • Designated English Language Development instruction is classroom instruction that focuses on both the productive and receptive language development.
  • The State of California requires four criteria for students to meet in order to reclassify:

    • English Language Proficiency Assessment for California (ELPAC)
    • Teacher Evaluation
    • Parent Opinion and Consultation
    • Comparison of Performance in Basic Skills

    These flow charts outline the details of the reclassification criteria in Glendale Unified School District:

    • During the period of Distance Learning, English learners will continue to receive both Designated and Integrated English Language Devbelopment instruction from their classroom teachers.