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English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)

The ELPAC is the test that is used to measure how well students in kindergarten through twelfth grade understand English when it is not their primary language.  Information from the ELPAC helps your child's teacher provide support in the right areas.

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Click Parent Guide to Understanding the ELPAC for more information. Translation is available in Arabic | Armenian | Korean | Spanish.

To learn more about your child's ELPAC scores, please visit

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What is the ELPAC? How can parents help students prepare for the ELPAC?

View this video to get an overview of the ELPAC test.

ELPAC Test Task Types  Click here for a guide to the type of tasks that students are asked to complete on the ELPAC.

To access the ELPAC Practice Tests, visit this link.

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