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Getting Started

Glendale Unified has adopted ESGI Software this year to support TK and K Assessments.  Here is a short overview video of the software as well as an extended clip of the program interface.  A few of our schools have been using this program and the feedback has been very positive.  To access ESGI:

  1. Go to the ESGI website at and click on “free trial” at the top right.
  2. Create an account
    1. Use your GUSD email
    2. Use your school address
    3. Leave “free trial” selected
  3. Once you start the free trial, go to your Profile and enter this Activation Code: 855BC52A
  4. Here is a link to an Intro Webinar to help you get started.

**If you already have a trial account, or paid account: Simply login with your username and password.  If your account is not expired yet, please go to your Profile, and click Activation Code in the Renew section at the top right. Enter the Activation Code, and your expiration date will be extended.  If your account has already expired you can still log in with your current username and password.  You will get a renewal screen.  Select "Activation Code" toward the upper right, and enter the code on the next screen.

Interested in Learning More About ESGI?

If you have any questions, please contact Stepan Mekhitarian at or

Helpful Resources