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For Elementary Schoolers


Becoming ready for college and career doesn’t have to wait until high school!  
Encourage and help your children explore their interests and prepare for college and career early

  1. College Aspirations - Promote the child to have positive engagement in school and be present each day for class. Allow them to explore their likes, interests, and hobbies. 
  2. Academic Planning for College & Career Readiness - Support the child in their academic schoolwork and tasks, while encouraging a culture of learning at home. 
  3. Enrichment and Extracurricular Engagement - Allow your child to participate in school-sponsored activities and encourage participation in enrichment and extracurricular activities. 
  4. College & Career Exploration and Selection Process - Create easy to follow routines at home for the child in order to develop character and skill-building. Participate in parent opportunities and groups, such as the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). Communicate with the child about how their activities and interests outside of school can lead them to success and career opportunities in the future. 
  5. College & Career Assessments - Encourage a positive outlook on assessments as a means to improve and expand on knowledge. Connect to a school counselor regarding career assessments or activities for the child. 
  6. College Affordability Planning - Piggy Banks and Allowances will allow an early understanding of money and financial literacy. Teach your child how to save money, and teach them the difference between favorable and unfavorable debt. 

College Readiness Tree graphic

"Since the formation of personal and career self-concepts occur at such an early age,

proactive and intentional guidance to support the exploration of careers while building

college expectations should be explored." Nicole Pulliama, Samantha Bartek

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