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Community Schools

What are Community Schools?

The purpose of a community school is to strengthen connections between a school and its students, parents/guardians, and community organizations to address students’ social-emotional needs and their connectedness to their school community. Students will develop voice, agency, leadership, and self-advocacy, all critical areas in students becoming successful leaders and lifelong learners.


community schools

Community Schools Contacts

District Office Rose d’Amato, Community Schools Coordinator (818) 241-3111 ext. 1660 Email Rose
Cerritos  Patrice Simmons, Teacher Specialist (818) 244-7207 Email Patrice
Columbus  Armine Zargaryan, Teacher Specialist (818) 242-7722 Email Armine
Jefferson Eliza Sargsyan, Teacher Specialist (818) 243-4279 Email Eliza
Mann Ana Tam, Teacher Specialist (818) 246-2421 Email Ana
Marshall Leona Darmanian, Teacher Specialist (818) 624-2003 Email Leona