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    At Toll Middle School we know working together is better. A prime example of this is when parent-driven organizations partner with schools to achieve great things through collaboration. The Toll Foundation is now in its sixth year as a collaborative, supportive resource for Toll Middle through vibrant educational enrichment, library funding for much needed inventory, creative technology, classroom enhancements and school beautification that instills pride at the home of the mighty Titans!


    Your gift of ANY size helps Toll Middle School in a meaningful way. 


    Please consider a gift to the school at the level that is right for you. 


    Did you know that the Toll Foundaiton sponsors the weekly E-Bulletin that provides up to date info on what’s happening at Toll. The Foundaiton also sponsors the monthly C.H.A.T (Coffee Hour at Toll) parent meeting (generally the first Tuesday—check the calendar for exact dates), providing coffee and nibbles to parents in an open forum with Dr. Crowther, the Toll Principal, and other honored guests such as Dr. Jennifer Earl, Hoover Principal and various GUSD team members.


    The Foundation strives to help the school in every way possible. Please give as generously as you are able. 


    Listed below are just a few ways the various giving levels can provide student and school support.



    $1000.00-Emerald Level
    Classroom Educational Enrichment, Provides classroom activities for all students for either Greek Day or Renaissance Day


    $500.00-Diamond Level
    Greek Day/Renaissance Day
    Provides interactive acting professionals for curriculum-based learning for grade level history days


    $250.00-Ruby Level
    Provides a 3-D printer or Chromebook to aid in classroom instruction


    $100.00-Sapphire Level
    Provides a set of books for teacher use to be checked-out to enrich classroom instruction.


    $50.00-Amethyst Level
    Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)
    Provides monthly PBIS rewards for students who exhibit behavior becoming of a Toll Titan


    $25.00-Topaz Level
    Challenge Day
    Provides snacks and water for 5 kids attending Challenge Day


    ALL supporters who donate at one of the giving levels will receive a Toll Titan vehicle magnet and Titan Bucks to be used at the world-famous Malt Shop. Donors who give at the top three levels will also receive a brick in their honor placed in the Legacy Walk in front of the school.


    ALL donors may opt out of the incentives associated with the giving levels if they wish by checking the opt out box on the donor envelope.





    Donate Now