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Glendale Unified Reaches Agreement with Glendale Teachers Association on MOU for Professional Development, Open House, and Use of Student/Parent Portal

On Thursday, December 9, Glendale Unified School District and Glendale Teachers Association reached a tentative agreement on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for professional development, 2022 open house events, and use of the GUSD student/parent portal.

Highlights include:

  • Teachers will continue to be compensated at their hourly rate of pay to attend or lead professional development sessions through August 13, 2022.

  • GUSD and GTA leaders will continue discussions with a goal of reaching an agreement for all secondary teachers to post to the student/parent portal beginning with the 2022-23 school year.

  • Spring 2022 Open House events will be conducted virtually for all schools. Teachers must engage in live interaction with parents and families; however, Open House is not intended for parent conferences. Teachers may choose to host Open House from their classroom or from an off-campus location.

The tentative MOU must be ratified by GTA membership and approved by the Glendale Unified Board of Education. Once approved, the MOU will remain in effect until August 13, 2022.

Glendale Unified is committed to maximizing student achievement and fostering a positive culture of learning for all students while ensuring the health and safety, and supporting the professional development of all teachers, administrators, and support staff.