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Details of Tentative Agreement with Glendale Teachers Association


Glendale Unified School District is committed to meeting every child's academic and social emotional needs while protecting the health and safety of our students, employees, families, and community. On Wednesday, April 7, Glendale Unified reached a tentative agreement on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Glendale Teachers Association (GTA) for return to in-person instruction in a hybrid model for elementary and secondary students for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year. The MOU includes opportunities for additional compensation and professional development as well as health and safety measures already being implemented across the District:

Return to School

  • Glendale Unified elementary students returned to campuses for in-person learning beginning March 29. Middle and high school students will return on April 26. Secondary administrators will communicate their school schedules to families by no later than April 19.
  • The District is providing no-cost full-day child care for employees’ school-aged children for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.

  • The District is providing all teachers and teacher specialists up to 30 additional hours at their hourly rate of pay to prepare their classrooms, attend professional development, and/or plan for hybrid instruction.

  • The District is providing elementary classroom teachers a one-time bonus, paid through COVID funds, to provide classroom supervision from 8:00 to 8:20 a.m. so that students attending school on campus can proceed directly to their classroom when they arrive at school. The District will offer the same opportunity for secondary classroom teachers should they be required to provide additional supervision.

  • Upon request, the District provides an additional adult to support classroom teachers and be included as a member of the classroom’s stable group during instructional blocks.

  • Classroom teachers will continue to carry all students on their 2020-21 roster for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, regardless of whether the student is participating in on-campus or distance learning instruction.

  • Teachers are providing concurrent instruction to all students, utilizing their professional judgment to determine the means and methods by which they deliver curriculum to students who receive in-person and distance learning instruction. Teachers must ensure that all students receive the California minimum instructional minutes and live interaction on a daily basis.

  • All students who participate in on-campus instruction in a hybrid model attend school in-person for at least two days per week. Students participate in distance learning and teachers work from home on Wednesdays to allow time for deep cleaning classrooms between student groups.

  • Students attending school on-campus are provided with the supplies they need to participate in instruction.

Health and Safety Protocols

  • Glendale Unified facilitated vaccine appointments for all employees who wanted to be vaccinated, including teachers, classified staff, school and district administrators, athletic coaches, and classroom assistants, the first week in March. Employees received their second doses the week of March 22. The District hosted a vaccination clinic on March 13 for employees’ eligible household members and is organizing a vaccination clinic on April 16 for high school seniors and their eligible household members. The District will continue to expand opportunities for vaccination for students, employees, and families as opportunities become available.

  • The District continues to meet or exceed all health and safety protocols set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

  • The District will continue to ensure students, teachers, and staff maintain 6-feet of physical distance at all times, exceeding the current Public Health recommendation of 3 feet.

  • Students and employees must wear masks at all times, unless eating or drinking. All events that require students to remove their face masks for more than one minute, such as eating meals or snacks, will occur outside of classrooms and instructional spaces.

  • The District ensures that all areas being used by employees and/or students are being cleaned regularly according to the identified schedule. EEELP/CDCC classrooms that are shared by more than one cohort are cleaned prior to transitioning from one cohort to another.

  • School site principals will serve as a COVID-19 Compliance Officer, ensuring that all cleaning protocols are completed. The District will provide GTA with the name of the Compliance Officer at each site.

  • All students and employees reporting to school and district facilities undergo a daily health screen before being permitted on campus.

  • The District provides periodic, voluntary, asymptomatic testing every two weeks for students and employees reporting to school and district facilities.

  • The District provides teachers with all necessary PPE, including CDC-recommended face masks, CDC-recommended transparent face masks, face shields, face shields with neck drapes, KN-95 masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes upon request.

  • The District has installed MERV 13 filters in all HVAC units and provided a stand-alone HEPA air filtration device in each classroom and work space.

  • The District has created outdoor, shaded locations at all elementary schools to be utilized for instruction and in-person assessments and services. The District will create similar outdoor environments for all middle and high schools.

  • The District minimizes access to all school and district facilities, including limiting non-essential visitors; facility use permits; volunteers; and students who are not participating in Technology Learning Pods, Facilitated Learning Centers, or on-campus instruction, assessments, services, or athletics. All school tours for prospective families follow CDC Guidelines.

  • The District has designated a full-time credentialed school nurse, licensed vocational nurse, or health clerk for each elementary school site. Nurses perform duties related to COVID-19 contact tracing at all of their assigned school sites and will have a designated employee who is trained in COVID-19 Contact Tracing at each school site to assist in the process.

  • In the event a teacher must quarantine due to a COVID-19 exposure, the entire class will pivot to a distance learning model. If state or county guidelines require any member of a cohort to quarantine, the entire cohort will quarantine unless contact tracing determines that the cohort was not exposed.

  • If a quarantined teacher is too ill to fulfill their job duties, a substitute teacher will be provided. If the illness is the result of a COVID-19 exposure that occurred at the school site, the teacher will not be required to utilize their personal illness benefits for those days and their time off will not result in any loss of pay.