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Negotiations Update: April 5, 2021


Glendale Unified School District is committed to meeting every child's academic and social emotional needs while protecting the health and safety of our students, employees, families, and community.

On Monday, April 5, Glendale Unified presented a counter proposal to the Glendale Teachers Association (GTA) bargaining team for a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year, which brings the two sides closer to agreement. Negotiations will resume on April 7.

As noted on March 31, the District is currently implementing many measures to ensure student and employee health and safety which are included in both parties’ proposed MOUs.


 GUSD Proposal and Reasoning


Hybrid Start Date for Secondary


GUSD proposes the following return dates for secondary:

April 19 – Secondary educators

April 26 – Secondary students

This will provide educators with 3 weeks notification prior to students returning, including a week of working in their classroom without students present. Students will receive 7 weeks of hybrid instruction before the school year ends.

Educators receive at least 3 weeks notification prior to being required to report to campus.

Indoor Mask Wearing Policy

Students and employees must wear masks at all times, unless eating or drinking. Teachers may choose whether or not to allow students to eat or drink in the classroom.

No removal of masks indoors.

Recess Break for Elementary

All students receive a 15-minute outdoor instructional break for snack and/or recess. Teachers are not required to provide supervision during this break. Schools may incorporate additional breaks into their schedules at their discretion.

Outdoor recess scheduled for ALL elementary students.

Working Remotely

Members are expected to be present and available throughout their entire paid work day.

Members may leave campus and work remotely after all in-person classes are finished for the day.

Asymptomatic Testing

GUSD offers free COVID-19 testing at school and district sites. Testing is voluntary and will be available for any student or employee who wishes to participate.

Students and staff will be scheduled for mandatory periodic COVID-19 testing. They may opt out.

HVAC Systems

All HVAC systems have been inspected and determined to be in good working order. In the unlikely event that an HVAC system malfunctions, a second stand-alone HEPA filter will be provided.

No unit member will be required to work from a room with a malfunctioning HVAC system.

Secondary Stable Groups/Cohorts

Current Public Health guidance does not limit the number of stable groups/cohorts at the secondary level.

GUSD proposes to create a schedule that allows secondary students who opt to return to campus the opportunity to attend all of their classes in a hybrid model while ensuring teachers belong to no more than 4 stable groups/cohorts per day.

No more than 4 stable groups/cohorts.

Leaves of Absence

In compliance with state and federal laws, GUSD will consider all requests for health-related work accommodations on an individual basis.

Members who cannot return to the classroom for legitimate health concerns should be able to continue distance learning.