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Glendale Unified School District Files Lawsuit against JUUL for Targeting Youth, Creating Public Nuisance


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Distribution Date: November 26, 2019 


Glendale Unified School District Files Lawsuit against JUUL for Targeting Youth, Creating Public Nuisance

GLENDALE, CA – Today, Glendale Unified School District filed a lawsuit against JUUL Labs, Inc., the leading e-cigarette manufacturer, for creating an epidemic of youth vaping that impedes student learning and puts the health and safety of Glendale Unified students at risk. The District is represented in the matter by attorneys John Fiske, Jason Julius, and Torri Sherlin. Glendale Unified joins Los Angeles Unified, which already filed suit against JUUL for similar damages.

“Protecting student safety and wellbeing is our top priority; the vaping crisis puts student health at risk, negatively affects campus culture, and diverts valuable district resources. This crisis is made worse when companies like JUUL intentionally target young people in their marketing,” Glendale Unified Superintendent Dr. Vivian Ekchian said. “Today we filed a lawsuit against JUUL Labs, Inc. to ensure the company cannot continue to influence young consumers, and to recover costs and expenses spent battling the e-cigarette epidemic among students at Glendale Unified School District”

"JUUL designed its device and used deceptive marketing to entice and sustain an entire generation of underage consumers into nicotine addiction," said attorney John Fiske. "We intend to hold JUUL accountable for its role in the vaping crisis that has affected our youth, our schools, and families across the country who are combating the real and life-threatening consequences of JUUL's irresponsible practices."

Glendale Unified School District v. JUUL Labs, Inc. et al
Superior Court in the State of California, County of Los Angeles
Case No.: 19STCV42371

Student vaping incidences throughout Glendale Unified have increased significantly in recent years. Glendale Unified has already taken actions to reduce tobacco use among students – but now the district must address the new epidemic of youth vaping.

As alleged in the complaint, the vaping epidemic will continue to challenge the academic achievements of all Glendale Unified students as the district is forced to divert resources, time, and effort to combat the issue. Not only has vaping affected individual learning, it has led to a rise in student absences due to disciplinary action or sickness, which in-turn causes a reduction in district state funding. Funds typically used for classroom instruction are now being diverted for educational assemblies, prevention, and treatment for student vaping, as well as detection and enforcement of vaping. District property has also been affected as student bathrooms often cannot be utilized due to high instances of bathroom vaping.

The district anticipates the need to create and fund intervention and cessation and treatment programs as it plans for the devastating impacts of a "JUULing future.”

For further information, please email Kristine Nam at (818) 241-3111 x1218 or attorney John Fiske at 619-261-4090.

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