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Khan Academy MAP Accelerator

September 23, 2019

Dear Families,
Glendale Unified School District is piloting a new math diagnostic and individualized practice program called Khan Academy MAP Accelerator. This new program replaces i-Ready for students in grades 6-8 for Math.
The MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment will be used in grades 6-8 for math throughout GUSD. This assessment will be used to generate lessons on Khan Academy that are specifically targeted for each student. These lessons may fill in gaps from previous grade levels or they may be lessons to support the current grade level learning. This program is in addition to the regular Math instruction the teacher provides. Students will be assessed at the beginning of the school year and mid-year. Some schools will also administer the assessment near the end of the school year. It is recommended that students spend 30-45 minutes each week working through the assigned Khan Academy lessons to ensure growth toward meeting their math goals for the year. Students working at or above grade level in Math should spend less time. Students can log in at home or at school. Your student’s math teacher will provide more specific guidance on the lessons and expectations.
For current 6th and 8th grade students, scores on the mid-year MAP assessment will be used as one of multiple measures in guiding recommendation decisions for placement in the appropriate accelerated math course for the 2020-2021 school year.
We are excited to implement this tool to support students with meeting their personalized learning targets in math. Students will receive information about in-school and at home use of their assigned Khan Academy lessons after they have taken the initial assessment. Students will take the initial assessment in September and the mid-year assessment in January. Please contact your student’s teacher with any questions about this new tool.

Narek Kassabian, Ed.D. Principal

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