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Important GUSD Communication

Dear GUSD Families, Staff and Community Members,

Various news media are reporting comments given by a former Hoover High School JV football coach and an individual who has been misidentified as a Hoover High School football coach asserting that the event on October 3 was a race riot and that Armenian students are attacking athletes.

There is no evidence to support the assertions of these two individuals. This was an isolated event, not an ongoing occurrence as portrayed through the interviews.

Media has also reported an allegation that a student with special needs was spat on. This was found to be false. Such comments are unfortunate as they perpetuate rumors, inflame animosity and foster community divisions. The District regrets that such misinformation would be disseminated to our community.

Hoover High School welcomes student-athletes from all backgrounds to participate in school sports. The District is proud that Hoover High School sponsors multiple athletic programs that were not involved in the October 3 incident.

Looking forward, GUSD is not blind to societal inequities and tensions that marginalize and exclude people. When societal issues find their way into our schools it matters to us. We have begun formally addressing the concerns that are being shared with the site and district administration by conducting trainings and facilitating open two-way dialog with Hoover students, parents and community stakeholders.

We welcome and encourage good will from the community in our efforts to make the Hoover High School community even stronger.

Your Partner in Education,
Winfred B. Roberson, Jr., Ed. D.