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Cap & Gown Distribution

Seniors: Cap and gown distribution is on Wednesday, May 26th in the cafeteria. To ensure social distancing, you can pick up/purchase your cap and gown, yearbook, and pre-ordered senior sweatpants, based upon your last name at the time scheduled below:

A-B and M-N: 1:00 pm
C-D and O-P:  1:20 pm
E-F and Q-R:   1:40 pm
G-H and S-T:  2:00 pm
I-J and U-V:   2:20 pm
K-L and W-Z: 2:40 pm- 3:00 pm

You will also need to turn in your completed PE waiver form (table in the quad) and return any books/textbooks that you are no longer using to the library.

Finally, remember to wear your face mask and have your photo ID ready.