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2022-2023 School Year Program Pick-Up and Freshman Orientation Dates and Information




Welcome to Glendale High all New and Returning students!

Above is the schedule for you to pick up your 2022-23 schedule, textbooks and/or chromebook. You will begin in the cafeteria, then head to the library to pick up your textbooks. 

Freshmen & New Students Orientation: Our Nitro Crew will be introducing you to Glendale High through activities and a tour of the campus. After the tour, you will be able to pick up your schedule, purchase PE clothes, a lock and pick up your textbooks.  

Counselors will be available during program pick up in their office, if you noticed that your schedule needs to be changed for the following reasons:

1) Correcting an error (two periods of the same class, no class assigned during a period or the wrong level of a class)
2) Assigning specialized classes ( sports, band, ASB, tech theatre. Require teacher/coach notice)
3) Removing a class you have already taken and passed.
4) Changing a teacher ONLY if you have taken the class and failed with them before.
Schedule Changes are NOT allowed for:
-Desire to have a different teacher or different period.
-Changing the assigned elective. Make sure you choose wisely during registration and communicate with your counselor BEFORE the start of the school year.

Note:12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Stations and offices will be closed. However, a station will remain open until all students who arrived on time but are in still in line are seen.