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Square1 Art Fundraiser

Square1 Art is the annual WAVE fundraiser that helps fund our in-school Art Program. The artwork your student creates can be printed on tote bags, mugs, iPhone cases and other fun products that make great gifts for Mother's Day!

This year, submitting your student's artwork will be different.

  1. Your student's class Art Rep will go over the "Meet the Artist" Georgia O'Keeffe Project.
  2. When your student completes the project, upload their art to the Square1 website.
  3. Edit the artwork and select the yellow ✔️tab in the bottom right corner, then fill the
    entire square with your drawing.
  4. Finally, order your personalized gifts! 

The Arts Committee also plans to install a beautiful garden of flowers mural in our school to help our students remember the happier moments of this year of remote school due to COVID-19. If you'd like to add your child's flower to the wall, please see the instructions below or click here. Be sure to select the 4.25" tile art that extends to the edge when ordering.


Upload deadline is March 15th.

Order by April 1st to receive gifts by Mother's Day.

Questions? Email


Square1 Art


Garden of Flowers Mural