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After School Coding Class Coming to Rosemont

Hello Parents and Students,

Back by popular demand... Rosemont Code Academy!   A Free educational opportunity sponsored by GUSD.

CODING is the language that sets students apart for college applications, high-paying jobs and becoming the creator of technology instead of the end-user  --  and the younger one is, the easier it is to learn. 

This year's course....


JavaScript: Drawing & Animation 


JavaScript is one of the most important & dynamic programming languages. It’s widely used from game development to fashion design and is the language used to bring all websites to life. In this course, students will create art and make games -- they’ll draw game characters and rockets blasting off, make snow fall, fish swim and games like Magic 8-Ball and ping-pong... all with JavaScript code! In the process, they’ll learn what booleans are; how to use pixels, processing and the fundamental coding concepts necessary for all programming languages including variables, loops, conditionals, functions, arrays and more. Newcomers to coding are welcome.


Rosemont Code Academy begins Thursday, October 3rd from  3:15 - 4:15 pm  at Rosemont Middle School