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Howdy Day Info 2019

Incoming 7th Graders & New Students

Howdy Day

(a sneak peek)


Howdy Day at Rosemont Middle School is a fun and exciting day for incoming 7th graders and new students. 


We encourage parents and students to attend Howdy Day together.  This is a great way for families to explore the campus, meet other students and parents, and experience the new and exciting world of middle school. 


Only 7th grade students and new 8th graders may attend on Howdy Day on Wednesday, August 14th.  Beginning on Thursday, August 15th, all new and returning students may pick up their schedules and other materials.


If you are new to Rosemont, this is what to expect:



Meet in the Amphitheater at 8:30am.  Parking will be challenging – please consider carpooling.  The Amphitheater is located in the center of campus; it is a cement area with cement seating along the north side.  Principal, Dr. Anderle, and Assistant Principals, Dr. Pestonji, will discuss expectations for the year, school rules, dress code, and even demonstrate how to open a school locker.  It’s fun, entertaining, and very informative. 


Student Schedules & School Packets

Immediately following the assembly, parents and students will line up to pick up their schedule and school packets.  This is a long line.  Please make sure to bring your student’s Emergency Contact Verification Form if you have not completed the Online Re-Enrollment process. You will trade the form for your schedule.  If you don’t have your form with you, you will NOT be able to pick up your child’s schedule unless you have completed the Online Re-Enrollment process.  The forms were mailed home. If you didn’t receive yours or have misplaced it, please contact the school office ASAP.


What is on the schedule? The schedule lists the student name, student ID number, name of each class, class period, teacher name, class room number, and locker information (if a locker was assigned). Each student will have 6 or 7 classes listed. If a student has 0 period (example: orchestra) they will have 7 classes.  If your child has a locker, a locker # and combination will be listed below the schedule. 

NOTE: If your child is assigned a locker, the combination will be on the schedule. They should NOT share that combination with anyone.  As they show their schedule to friends, you don’t want that code to become common knowledge.  Cover it with a post-it note or something so it stays secret.  Why is this a big deal? Students are responsible for everything in their locker. To ensure the safety of all students, lockers may periodically be inspected.  Students do not want others to put items in their lockers that are unapproved or illegal.


Student ID Number

Parents and students need to know their student’s ID number.  It is a 6-digit number located on their schedule. If the student attended a GUSD school in the past, it is the same number they used for iReady testing, logging in at the computer lab, etc.  Parents will need to use the number when they call the absence hotline, when they log in for student information online, to add money to student accounts for lunch, etc. Students need to know their ID number for everything – they will continue to use the same number if they attend CVHS, Clark Magnet High School, or any GUSD school in the future.  Do NOT share your ID number or post it online.  Students are excited to share their schedules, but if you post a picture, be sure to cover up the student ID number.



Lockers are randomly assigned to students.  Don’t panic if your child isn’t assigned a locker.  If they want one, they can sign up for one with Mrs. Hairapetian in the Main Office, once school starts.  Even though there are not enough lockers for everyone, there are usually plenty of lockers turned in by early September because students don’t want them. Students sometimes decide their locker is in an inconvenient location, they don’t really need it, or they prefer to share with a friend. It may take a few weeks, but any student who wants a locker, can have one.



After you receive your schedule, you need to pick up your textbooks from the library. Bring a backpack! The books are heavy. These textbooks are for students to use at home. A set of textbooks is kept in each classroom, so students will NOT need to bring their textbooks back and forth to school.  Students don’t need to bring them back until the end of the school year. Don’t lose them and please keep them in good condition. Students are responsible for lost and damaged textbooks. 

NOTE: You need your schedule to pick up the textbooks – if your child is exploring campus with their new schedule, parents may get to the front of the line but won’t be able to pick up the books because the student has the paper. You must have the paper schedule to receive your textbooks. Parents and students should consider taking a picture of their schedule so they each have a copy, as needed. 


PE Uniforms and the Student Store

Every student will have the opportunity purchase a PE uniform and Reminder Binder at the Student Store.  Students are required to change for PE daily into blue shorts, white t-shirt, socks, and tennis shoes.  Uniforms are available to purchase for your convenience, but while we strongly recommend that students wear the Rosemont PE uniform, it is not required.  Please speak to an administrator if financial assistance is needed.  On Howdy Day the Student Store will be located in room 1210 which is located downstairs from the library. 

Payments:  Cash and checks are accepted.  PE shorts $10; PE shirt $10; Reminder Binder $7.  If you are also ordering a Rosemont yearbook - $50.


Explore Campus

This is the fun part! Students use their new schedule to find their classrooms, practice using their locker (if they have one), compare schedules with friends, and meet new people. This is their school now, they should explore their new environment. 

NOTE: Teachers are not on campus during Howdy Day – students will find the classrooms but won’t be allowed to enter.


How long will Howdy Day last?

Howdy Day will take a few hours.  If you don’t want to wait in long lines, you can pick up your child’s schedule and then return later in the day or another day for textbooks and the Student Store items.  The library and Student Store will be open until 2:00pm on August 14th.  Additional hours are available:

August 15th: 9:00am – 2:00pm

August 16th: 9:00am – 1:00pm

August 19th: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

August 20th: 9:00am – Noon


Enjoy Howdy Day!