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Special Announcement Regarding Dress Code

Hello Rosemont, this is your ASB President Anna Toomey. You probably remember from my speech at elections where I said that I will represent you and vouch for your concerns. I was not joking when I said that, because when I heard about your concern about our school’s ripped jeans rule, I responded by going to the staff and faculty here and asking for a change. After months of hard work and planning, I have worked together with Dr. Anderle to create a new rule that will go along with our rule regarding shorts. So listen carefully: the new rule is Ripped or distressed jeans may be worn, but no skin can be showing through rips above the fingertip length. Rips that show skin below fingertip length are acceptable. As I said, this rule took a lot of hard work to pass, so I’m asking you to please respect it and don’t take advantage of it. As soon as a bunch of kids get dress coded regarding ripped jeans, the rule will be taken away from everyone, and from future Rosemont students. Make sure you follow the rule, and encourage your friends to do so too. Don’t mess this up. But on a good note, I want you all to know that the faculty really does listen to the students, and the system works. Please make sure to thank Dr. Anderle for his flexibility and understanding. Without him, we wouldn’t have this new rule in place.