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Halloween Costume Rules

Halloween Dress Code:

Students will be allowed to wear a costume on Wednesday, October 31st. Please discuss the following rules for Halloween costumes with your child. We want this to be an enjoyable day for everyone.

  1. Students may wear facial make-up. FOR SAFETY REASONS, masks may only be worn at snack, during the costume contest. Make-up needs to be applied before coming to school, not during school hours.

  2. Costumes must adhere to our clothing guidelines regarding modesty. Students must be appropriately covered - no bare midriffs, revealing outfits, suggestive costumes.

  3. Costumes may not be gang-related - no bandannas, etc.

  4. Costumes may not include dangerous props. Unfortunately, bringing anything to school that replicates a gun, knife, or weapon of any kind would mean disciplinary action.

We look forward to another day of fun and creativity.