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Traffic Safety Around Rosemont

Please be courteous to our neighbors on El Caminito St. There have been a lot of cars speeding on the street in the mornings.  In addition, there was recently an incident at the intersection of Alabama and La Crescenta Ave. 


Remember that students who are dropped off in front of the school, on the east side of Rosemont Ave. by cars traveling north on Rosemont, must walk up to the crosswalk to cross Rosemont Ave.  Please do not allow your student to run through traffic across Rosemont Ave. to the school.


I would also like to go over some reminders for drop-off in the mornings at the back gate at Los Olivos and Raymond.  Please remember that the drop-off lane at Los Olivos behind the school is traveling east on Los Olivos and heading north on Raymond, up the hill, adjacent to the school. If you do drop off your student while traveling southbound on Raymond, make sure that they walk to the bottom of the block where I can help them to cross safely. Please also remember to pull all the way to the end of the drop-off lane, marked by the bright green cones.  Although it is more convenient for your child to be dropped off right in front of the gate, it inconveniences everyone else and slows down the traffic lane.


These steps will ensure the safety of all of our students, and make for an easier drop-off experience for everyone!