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See's Candies Fundraiser

See's Fundraiser - Fall 2022

Jefferson Families!

Great News!  Our Fall See’s Fundraiser is back.  This helps raise money for our Associated Student Body (ASB).  Funds raised help with costs and activities for field trips and bus expenses for our school, and especially with 6th Grade Camp.  We encourage everyone to help raise money for this valuable cause.

We will be selling See’s Candies from November 3 to December 2.  This year you will be able to submit your orders directly at the link below.  See’s will deliver you’re your order directly to you

We all know that See’s Candy makes a great gift anytime!  We encourage you to take advantage of this delicious gift for the coming holiday season, and be sure to ask friends, family and coworkers if they would like to buy some chocolate too! We want this to be a great fundraiser!

Ms. Krista Bendgen, 6th Grade Teacher

Ms. Armineh Alexan, Principal

Ms. Francesca Silva, Assistant Principal