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Click Here To Check Out Prizes For Chocolate Sales!

  • Victoria Dávila won the sales drawing for The 5 pound chocolate bar.
    All students who sold two or more chocolate boxes were entered into the drawing.


  • DJ dance party has been scheduled for November 14 during lunch. Anyone
    who sold at least 1 chocolate box is invited to attend.


  • Kona Ice Vouchers were issued on October 31st to students who sold a minimum
    of two chocolate boxes. These vouchers can be used at any time at the
    Kona ice truck that comes to Edison only.


  • Our IN n OUT event is on Decemeber 13 (more information will be sent home
    as we approach this date). Students who sold three or more chocolate boxes will be eligible to attend this lunch.


  • Movie show with snack is scheduled on January 10th @ 11:30am. Students who sold
    four or more boxes will be eligible to attend.