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Imagine Learning

Dear teachers,

The after school program that Armine ran in our computer lab with our ELLs is now open to all students.  This program is designed for English Learners, but some of your EO's may benefit as well.  I have attached the login cards of the students who were already participating in the program, so you may share these login information with your students' parents so that they continue to work on it at home.  If you would like to add NEW students to this program you must do the following:
1) E-mail Armine and copy me the names of the students you'd like to add (we have to manually add students in order for them to get access).  Armine will send you the login information, just like the ones attached, then,
2) communicate with parents (dojo, e-mail, etc.,) to let them know that their children are given access to this program online, and give them the following information so students can log in:
Username: student's 6 digit ID#
password: student's 6 digit ID#
Site Code: 0615240