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Morning Drop Off on Virginia Ave

Good Morning Keppel Parents,

I would like to ask any of you who drive up Virginia Ave. in the morning to drop off your child to please obey all traffic and pedestrian laws and, most of all, to put your child's safety at the forefront of your decision making.
We have a car lane for drop off from cars. Please use it. If you choose not to use it, do not park in neighbor's driveways and walk your child across the busy street. It is very dangerous and someone is going to get hurt.

Additionally, do not pull your car up in the red beyond the traffic lane to let your children out or park.

You are all role models for your children and throwing safety and common courtesy out the window is not something we want to teach our students.

Thank you for your help. There are 4 more days of dropping your children off this school year. Please be safe and courteous.

Ms. Tonoli