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REMINDER: Summer School Applications for Toll

Hello Future Toll Titan Families!

Summer School applications are available for all incoming Toll students. Summer School begins on Tues., 6/21 and concludes on Monday, 7/25, in person, at Toll.

Important Summer School information:
Students may take up to four classes (one hour per class).
English, math and ELD may be required. Students will be enrolled in those summer intervention classes and a notification will be sent to the parents.
Enrichment is open to all students. Students in the intervention classes get priority for enrichment class scheduling. All enrichment classes listed may not be  available pending interest and final numbers.
Applications are available in Toll's Counseling Office (1203), posted on the Toll website Toll Summer Classes 2022, and attached to this email.
Applications should be returned to the Toll Counseling Office by Friday, April 8th

If you have any questions, please check the counseling page of our website at