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Reminders for this week

Hello Keppel Families,

This is Ms. Tonoli with a few important announcements.

Tomorrow please tune in to the Board Meeting to hear Dr. Eckchian's update on the the possibilities of opening our schools. She will speak after closed session around 7:00p.m. Click here to watch the meeting:

If you have any questions after the meeting, please join Mrs. Worley and me during Q&A with the Principals at noon on Wednesday, 2/17.  Dr. Mary Mason will be our guest to answer any follow up questions you have regarding the Board presentation.  Here is the Zoom link.

Keep your eyes open this week for a Return to School Survey from the District.  This will be a different survey sent by the school last week.  

I also have one more announcement from PTA. The PTA is looking for members for next year's Board. There are still a number of positions left unfilled. If you would like to nominate yourself or would like more information please email The open positions are:

Programs: Plans all the fun events we hope to have for the kids when they return, so if anyone loves party planning, this will be the role for them.
Secretary: Takes notes at the meetings
Treasurer: Keeps our financials and books in order
Parliamentarian: Makes sure the meeting is running timely and efficiently by the agenda order
Reflections chair: Plans the once a year Arts Expression event
Legislative chair: Keeps us informed about any legislative updates coming down from the state level

Please consider nominating yourself or someone you know.