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Labor Day and Ziploc Bags

Good Evening Families,

Today you will receive a letter from the District with a few reminders about Labor Day. The translations of the letter are attached to the email version of this call.The letter will be in a Ziploc bag. We are now able to allow papers to go to and from school as long as they are in the plastic bag. That means assignments that aren't finished at school can be sent home to be finished and/or uploaded to be turned in. There may also be papers that teachers send to you that need to be done at school. You will now be able to send those to school AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN THE ZIPLOC BAG. Nothing except paper may be transported in the plastic bag. We hope this will make the transition between home and school easier for your children.

We hope you have a wonderful 3 day weekend.

Ms. Tonoli