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Toll Elective Survey - please complete

Good evening 5th grade Families,

Please find attached a survey from Toll Middle School to complete by April 17th. This information will help the Toll counselors schedule your student’s classes for the 20-21 school year; this form specifically asks about your student’s elective class.  If you would like your child to attend Toll Middle school and your child is on an inter-district permit attending Keppel, or if Toll is not your middle school of residence, please visit  There you will find information about apply for a permit to attend Toll Middle School.  You can also find more information through the office of Student Support Services at  . If your student will not be attending Toll, we ask that you still complete the survey, indicating your student’s next school. Thank you for your prompt attention in completing this survey. We look forward to welcoming your student into the Toll Titan family!  

Thank you,

Ms. Tonoli