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Closure through the end of the school year

Hello Keppel families,

This is Ms. Tonoli. I’m sure that by now you have received the news that Superintendent Ekchian has followed guidelines from the State Superintendent and the Governor and decided that we will continue remote learning through the end of the school year. All of us are full of emotions. It was everyone’s hope that we would be able to return again in May.

The best thing for all of us to do right now is to remain positive and support our children. That is why it is essential that by tomorrow you connect with your child’s teacher. I am asking students who notice classmates missing from their virtual learning hub to reach out in whatever ways you normally do to your friends. Parents, you must connect with your child’s teacher by tomorrow if you have not already. The office staff will begin making phone calls tomorrow to families who are not responding.

I know this announcement brings up many questions, like how to retrieve personal belongings, medications, will there be summer school, etc. Please know that these decisions all deal with our students' and families health and safety and will need to be made by the District as they will need to be consistent throughout all of our schools. I will keep you in the loop as decisions are made.

This doesn’t mean that school is over. The teachers and staff are still here for our wonderful students. Now we just need to think farther outside of the box for more ways to stay connected. We will do that just and we will come out of this stronger, with skills we never imagined. As always, I ask you for your patience. Stay in contact and stay tuned for more.

Thank you~