• ONLY Distribution Begins Thursday May 23rd, after school for students who pre-ordered a yearbook in Room 5101 on Thursday May 23rd
    • Line up between the pool and the 5000 building
    • As you line up in the appropriate line, designated by beginning letter of last name.
    • Distribution and *Sales continue through Thursday June 06. *if supplies last for sales

    May 23 to June 06

    NO DISTRIBUTION or SALES Monday May 27th or Thursday May 30th


    • Students need to bring their STUDENT ID to pick up their yearbook
    • You may only pick up your OWN book
    • If you did not pre-order a yearbook, you can still get one
    • There are a limited number of books available for purchase

    Once they are gone, they are gone

    • Starting Friday at lunch, you can buy a yearbook for $110 CASH ONLY from Ms. Peterson in room 5101
    • There are no refunds for missing photos or misspelled names
    • We sent in our photos to the publisher back in December. So, if you did not take your photo by that time, you didn’t make it in the book
    • This book is produced entirely by students – and with 2650 students covered in 352 pages, there’s bound to be a mistake or two. This is our reality. Refunds are not given in these circumstances
    • Autograph pages and plastic covers are available for purchase *Each costs $4.00 or get both together for $7.00

    The dates below may be cancelled depending on supplies








    Thursday May 23rd

    Senior Special Delivery during 3rd & 4th period (paid $2.00 to receive pre-ordered yearbook deadline to sign up is Wednesday May 22nd)

    ONLY Pre-ordered Distribution – Any Grade After School

    Friday May 24th

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH SALES BEGIN at LUNCH & After School

    Tuesday May 28th

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH & After School

    Wednesday May 29th

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH & After School

    Friday May 31st

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH & After School

    Monday June 3rd

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH ONLY

    Tuesday June 4th

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH ONLY

    Wednesday June 5th

    Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH ONLY

    Thursday June 6th

    LAST DAY! Pre-ordered Distribution & CASH Sales at LUNCH ONLY


    *SAVE your RECEIPT or CANCELLED CHECK until you receive your book at distribution!!!




    Thursday September 6, 2018 Make-Up Photo Day (freshmen, sophomores, juniors)
    Saturday October 20, 2018 Last Day to take Senior Portrait @
                                                      Bronson for the 2019 yearbook.
    Friday November 2, 2018 Deadline for Senior Personals
    (click on link to the upper/left for more details - YOU MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH THE TALON STAFF TO PLACE A SENIOR PERSONAL)
    Saturday November 10, 2018 Deadline for Seniors to tell Bronson which senior portrait for the 2019 Talon yearbook (this is for paid sittings only - if you do not specify, Bronson will choose for you)
    Friday December 14, 2018 Deadline for verifying your photo and name spelling.
    (in room 5101 at lunch only)
    Friday April 4, 2019 Deadline for preordering a yearbook the student store.
    (after will be cash sales only when the books arrive - price will go up)