Resources for Parents of Gifted Students

  • National Organizations

    National Association for Gifted Children
     - NAGC is a non-profit organization that focuses resources on training teachers, encouraging parents, and educating administrators and policy makers about how to develop and support gifted children. The NAGC website includes links to parent resources. Resources include definitions of giftedness, FAQs, and links to additional resources.
    Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted - SENG supports education and research about the unique social and emotional needs of gifted children and adults. The website includes free access to articles and other media on topics related to giftedness.

    National Society for the Gifted & Talented - NSGT is a not-for-profit organization founded to honor and encourage gifted and talented children and youth. The website offers extensive resources, including lists of state and national organizations for the gifted, educational resources and links to resources of interest to gifted students.

    State Organizations

    California Association for the Gifted - A membership organization for educators, parents and community members interested in advocacy and support for gifted and talented students. Hosts an annual conference, as well as regional events on topics related to gifted education.

    Cal State LA Early Entrance Program - The Early Entrance Program (EEP) is a unique educational program that is specifically designed to permit young highly gifted students to enroll in college as full-time students. The EEP was established at Cal State LA in 1982. The Program allows qualified students as young as 11 years of age the opportunity to excel at the university level. The average entering age is currently 13.5 years and all EEP students must be under the age of 16 by June 1st of the year in which they apply. The program maintains a population of approximately 130 full-time highly gifted teen-age students on the Cal State LA campus.
    Local Organizations
    Institute of Educational Advancement - This educational non-profit in Pasadena is sharing a great opportunity for Glendale Unified GATE educators and parents to attend IEA’s complimentary monthly Gifted Support Group (GSG) meeting. GSG features professionals who are experts on various aspects of gifted youth and education. These meetings provide support and community, a venue for shared discovery, and a space to exchange resources and ideas.
    General Resources
    Enrichment Websites -  A comprehensive list of enrichment activities which students can engage in at home.
    Hoagies' Gifted Education Page - Comprehensive resource for parents and educators of gifted children, including articles and research, books, organizations, online support groups, and academic programs. Includes extensive resources (more than 1,150 pages of resources), including resources for parents and resources for gifted children and teenagers. Unique features include "Gifted 101: A Guide for First Time Visitors" and links to books, toys and other products recommended for gifted children. Hoagies also maintains a Facebook page.
    Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education and Talent Development - The University of Connecticut, NEAG School of Education, is home to the Renzulli Center for Creativity, Gifted Education and Talent Development, which focuses on research related to the education of gifted and talented studnets. Although the focus of the website is on education/educators, there are links to parent resources as well.
    The Davidson Institute - A national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted students 18 and under. Includes a comprehensive, keyword searchable database of resources.
    Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth - The John Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is a nonprofit center that identifies K-12 learners of great academic promise through an annual Talent Search, then nurtures their intellect and personal growth through gifted and talented Summer Programs, Online Programs courses, and other services and resources.

    Mensa for Kids - Mensa membership is limited to people who score in the top 2 percent of the general population on standardized intelligence tests. Mensa offers membership to gifted youth ages 14 to 18 who meet the same criteria.
 - This website has a large collection of resources for and about twice exceptional children. Find stories and personal accounts, parent support, and information for professionals.
 - This site is named after the book Uniquely Gifted: Identifying and Meeting the Needs of the Twice-Exceptional Student, edited by Kiesa Kay.