Activities for GATE Students

  • District-Level Activity for GATE Students

    Virtual Invention Convention

    Invention Convention Virtual Awards Ceremony  

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    IC Awards


    Each fall, GUSD hosts an Invention Convention open to all GATE-identified fourth through eighth grade students. Students are invited to use their problem-solving and creative thinking skills to invent new products. Students display their inventions at the annual Invention Convention. Inventions are judged by a panel of community members, which in the past has included staff from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Awards are given out by grade level.

    Participation in the Invention Convention offers students the opportunity to:

    • Participate in a differentiated activity;
    • Research and learn about the process of inventing;
    • Take a hands-on approach to developing a new concept;
    • Learn to work in teams or individually;
    • Compete with same-age inventors;
    • Receive recognition for their achievement.


    Participation in the Invention Convention offers parents the opportunity to:

    • Encourage students to find and research different ideas;
    • Support students in gathering resources;
    • Guide students in following competition requirements and deadlines;
    • Help students set up and display their invention. 

    For more information on participating in the Invention Convention, please contact your school's Teacher Specialist.

    School-Level Activities for GATE Students

    Although identification of GATE students is managed at the District level, programming and activities for gifted students are managed at the individual school level. Individual school programming includes differentiated instruction in the regular classroom and/or before/after-school enrichment opportunities.

    For information about programming and activities for GATE students at your school, please contact your school's Teacher Specialist.



    Dr. Narineh Hakopian

    Teacher Specialist - Categorical Programs, Parent & Family Engagement