Order a Yearbook

  • Orders for the 2021 yearbook began in December. All orders must be done through the yearbook company's on-line store. Please note that there is a small service charge for using a credit card on-line. There are also no ASB card discount for yearbook orders this year.

    Because the campus is closed for the reaminder of the school year, you may no longer order yearbooks in person. Below are this year's yearbook prices:


    2020-2021 Dates Yearbook Prices
    12/15/20 - 1/7/20 
    1/8/21 -  3/12/21 
    3/13 - 6/10




    June 10, 2021 – Final day of online sales.

    Also available in pre-sales only - Student name inscribed on yearbook: $5 (must be paid for by March 12, 2021)

    *These prices are not guaranteed. The yearbook staff may increase prices or change dates due to changes in yearbook production costs and/or yearbook orders. Please order early to ensure the best price.

    Yearbook Refund Policy 

    Yearbooks are sold throughout the year, beginning in June of the prior year Prices begin below the yearbook’s actual cost and may rise up to $40 beyond the base price once yearbooks arrive in May. Only those who pre-order yearbooks are guaranteed a copy. Those who purchase yearbooks must have a receipt or valid ID to pick up the yearbook during distribution. Yearbook sales are final. No refunds except in the case of a printing error involving the student who purchased the book. Exchanges can be made for books with minor flaws if no writing has been done in the book. If a book has been written in, then no exchange can be made unless adviser deems the book’s flaw to be major (e.g., pages missing, pages upside-down).