Character & Ethics

  • The Glendale Unified School District embraces character-building and ethical behavior as a way of life. At Fremont, we incorporate the Word-of-the-Month (a positive character trait such as honesty, loyalty, courtesy, etc.) into our monthly Spirit Assembly. Also honored at the assembly is the Citizen-of-the-Month student, selected from each class in grades 1 through 6 by the teacher, based on the student’s demonstration of that trait. Through programs and activities, students are encouraged to exhibit good character and ethical choices. Additionally, all sixth-graders are required to fulfill 10 hours of community service prior to promotion.

    Here is the list of character traits by month:


    • August: Fairness
      Being impartial, open and unprejudiced in judging yourself and others. Treating others equally.

    • September: Responsibility
      Being Accountable for your own actions and choices (and their consequences) without blaming others.

    • October: Cooperation
      Working together for a common purpose; being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for.

    • November: Citizenship
      A good citizen follows rules, obeys laws, respects authority, uses kind words and good manners in ALL situations.

    • December: Compassion
      Being kind, caring and forgiving, even when others might not be.

    • January: Respect
      Treating others the way you want to be treated. Being considerate and honoring the feelings, opinions and property of others.

    • February: Honesty
      Being truthful with yourself and others. Never taking unfair advantage of people. Doing your own work, not cheating or copying.

    • March: Trustworthiness
      Being responsible and dependable in all that you do. Being reliable, keeping promises, following through on you word.
    • April: Loyalty
      Being faithful to commitments, obligations, yourself and to others.

    • May: Courtesy
      Being considerate, kind and polite; listening to others, and using positive language.