Information for Parents and Families

  • How do I receive flyers from my child’s school? 


    With Peachjar, you can receive flyers in three different ways:


    1. Email


    Upon registering at a GUSD school, you will receive a welcome email from our service provider (Peachjar) that includes a username and password. This is provided to give you the opportunity to manage your account and flyer delivery preferences. You do not need to login to receive or view school digital flyers. Flyers will be automatically sent to your inbox. Don’t want to receive flyers by email? You can unsubscribe at any time.


    2. Online


    To view school-approved Digital flyers, you will simply click the Peachjar button on your school’s website homepage (under Site Shortcuts) to visit your online “electronic backpack.”


    Peachjar Logo


    3. GUSD App


    You can follow “Peachjar” for your school in the GUSD app by selecting the Peachjar feed under the “Settings” icon (Settings -> Follow Schools -> Your School Name -> Peachjar). Then, just select the Peachjar icon in the app to view school-approved flyers in your “electronic backpack.”


    The Peachjar system is used exclusively for distribution of school-approved flyers. Your email address will not be shared or used for any other purpose. Thank you for supporting our efforts to ensure parents are well informed about school programs, activities, and events!