• United We Stand,

    Together We Succeed 

    2020-2021: Almost to the End!


    This school year continues to be difficult for many, but it is important to step back and reflect on the challenges. It may not have always been smooth and easy, but always ask yourself:


    1. What is the most important lesson you learned?
    2. What did you enjoy the most?
    3. What are you most proud of this year?


    You might not have a positive answer, but personal growth is essential. Like many, you might also find you are most proud of your child and what they have been able to endure.


    As we continue remotely, we also need to think ahead about resuming life with more of our family members, friends, classmates, and teachers.  There is thought and planning ahead of what school will need to look like and how we can successfully pursue activities. The LCES PTA needs help with this process for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. The students need you to help make the next school year memorable and unforgettable.


    Please see the links below if you are interested in helping with the PTA.


    Stay Healthy,

    Marie Martin
    La Crescenta Elementary PTA President  


  • Board Members Needed



    The LCES PTA hosts family events throughout the year, including school assemblies, Spirit Wear, family lunch days, and many others that help create a positive and fun school environment for the entire LCES community. Right now, unless we have at least 3 parents who are willing to help take board positions, the LCES PTA will face closing. If this happens, there will be NO Halloween Harvest Festival, NO family dances, NO game nights, or any other activities that enhance our children's learning experience.

    Full support from the Glendale Council, First District, and California State PTAs, as well as free training are offered to everyone taking on a board position. Most current board members will also be available, in person or virtually, to help transition the new board, and assist as often as we can. This is a great opportunity to acquire new skills and help continue all the work the PTA does for our children.

    If you are interested in helping to keep the PTA going, or have any questions about the positions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


    For more information, please click here.

FREE Disney themed Trivia Night
Benefits of getting involved in the PTA
  • For more information

    about getting involved in the PTA, both in big and small ways, please click here.

    To see some of the ways our volunteers have been involved this school year, please click here.




    April 22  6pm

    PTA's FREE Family, Disney themed Trivia Night

    Register at:


    May 3-7

    PTA's Teacher Appreciation Week


    May 15

    Submissions due for the LCES PTA's Student Film Festival


    May 20

    School Open House


    June 3-4

    Screening of the submision for the LCES PTA Student Film Festival on our YouTube channel.

    After viewing, please fill out the survey (link will be provided) to vote for the winners.


    June 5

     Winners for the LCES PTA Student Film Festival will be announced on our here, on our website, and on our Facebook page.


    June 10

    Last Day of School


Benefits of getting involved in the PTA