• Rosemont Middle School Clubs
    2018 - 2019


    Against Cigarettes & Tobacco

    3 workshops throughout the year

    Will announce date/time

    Must apply at the beginning of the school year

    Ms. Inglish – Rm 1203

    Ms. Inglish, Ms. Hutchinson, Mrs. Kracker, Mr. Grant, Ms. Peters, and Mr. Hoang will supervise this program. We will learn ways to share with others how bad tobacco is. Also, we will learn from real animators how to draw and create cartoons plus work on marketing tools such as skits, Power Points, songs, Mannequin Challenges , and whatever other creative ideas we think of to show how awful tobacco is. We also help out with Red Ribbon Week and tours for the 6th graders/incoming 7th graders at the end of the school year.

    Anime Club

    Tue/Thurs – Lunch

    Ms. Lynch – Rm 1207

    This club is for those who are Anime lovers, detailed people, people who enjoy drawing, those who want to make a comic book, persistent people, and even if you aren’t any of these it’s OK, just come and join to have fun!!!!

    Boys Basketball Practice

    Tue/Wed/Thur. – 3:15 – 4:30

    Mr. Ballard - GYM

    Will play with other middle schools during 1st semester

    Boys Lacrosse

    Wednesdays – 3:15 – 4:45

    Aviles/Solorenko – upper field

    Information meeting is September 12. At the first practice permission forms and an informational sheet for parents will be distributed. No equipment needed other than clothes/shoes. Boys lacrosse will be from September into December.

    Boy’s Soccer

    TBD – 3:00 – 4:30

    Henrik Thamassian

    Coach Thamassian will prepare boys for matches against Roosevelt, Toll, and Wilson. The season runs from March to May.

    Builders Club

    1st Wed. of every month 3:00 pm

    Cole/Zimmer - Cafe

    The goal is to provide members with opportunities to perform service and build character. Not only does Builders Club help people in need, but they make helping others super fun!


    “See website for meeting dates”


    California Junior Scholarship Federation is for high-achieving students who like to help out their community. First semester is for 8th grade only. Second semester CJSF is open to both grades. More information can be found at www.RosemontCJSF.com


    Tue/Thurs - 3:00-4:00

    Cole/Zimmer – Dance Room

    7 & 8 grade students who promote school spirit at CFE and all after school programs

    Chess Club

    Wed - Lunch

    Ms. Goulas – Rm 6204

    Anyone is welcome. No sign up, just come right in. Must bring their own chess games (pieces, board, anything else).

    Cross Country

    Tue/Thursday  - 3:00 – 4:30

    Davis - Amphitheatre

    A free class for all Rosemont students who are interested in running and who would like to increase their fitness levels. We will participate in the LA84 Foundation’s Run4Fun Program, which culminates in a Run4Fun Festival in December.

    Drum Line

    Mon and Fri. 3 - 5

    Mr. Yonkers - 5206

    No experience necessary. Can start at any time during the year. Need a set of drum sticks. Get a paper with details from Mr. Yonkers.

    Dungeons & Dragons

    Thursdays – Lunch

    Mr. Anker – Rm 3101

    Get together and enjoy playing game pretending to be wizard, dragon, warrior, and other of your favorite characters.

    Flag Football

    TBD – 3 – 4:30

    Paul Schilling – Middle Field

    Coach Schilling and his staff will be coaching our team again this year, preparing for games against Roosevelt, Toll, and Wilson. The season runs from November through February.

    Fishing Club

    Wednesdays – Lunch

    Mr. Kwong – Rm 8302


    Girls Basketball

    TBD – 3:00 – 4:30

    Mr. Sam - GYM

    Preparing for games against Roosevelt, Toll, and Wilson. The season runs from March to May.

    Girl’s Lacrosse

    Tue/Fri - 3:00 – 4:30

    Crowther - Upper Field

    At the first practice permission forms and an informational sheet for parents will be distributed. Players do not need equipment other than clothes/shoes. Any question contact Boz Crowther at bozlax@gmail.com

    Girl’s Soccer

    Mon/Thursday – 3:00 – 4:30

    Robert Parada

    Preparing for matches against Roosevelt, Toll, and Wilson. The season runs from September to November.

    Girl’s Volleyball

    TBD – 3:00 – 4:30

    Tanita, Norkus - GYM

    Preparing for matches against Roosevelt, Toll, and Wilson. The season runs from November through February.

    Got Faith

    Tuesdays – Lunch

    Ms. Riehl – Rm 7302

    Join us for wacky games, funny youth videos, and of course free cookies! Got Faith Club is a student-led and student-governed Christian Club. Open to all! Students celebrate their faith in God, the Bible, and show love to all, helping kids to make new friends and feel accepted.

    Hamilton Fan Club

    1st mtg – Sept. 14st

    Fridays – Lunch

    Ms. Peters – Rm 1305

    We will be listening to and discussing our favorite show, Hamilton.

    Harry Potter Club

    Tuesdays – Lunch

    Ms. Mori/Khatchetourian-Rm6203

    Everything Harry Potter – watching the movies, having discussions, doing crafts, and anything else member can think of within reason

    Homework Club

    Wed/Thurs – 2:50-3:50

    Ms. Mooser – Rm 1301

    Ms. Mooser will be available to help with ELD, English, Science, and/or History homework. Get homework help, or just a quiet place to do your homework, or read a book.

    Jazz Band

    Every Wednesday 3 – 4

    Mr. Yonkers – Rm 5206

    By audition only

    Mindful Club

    Mondays – Lunch

    Ms. Leininger – 1312

    Are you stressed out? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Come to mindful club and learn about mindfulness and how it can help you relax, focus, and be your better self.

    Minecraft Club

    Tue/Thur – Lunch

    Mr. Grant – Rm 1304

    A place for fans to gather and talk about the game and watch youtube videos having to do with Minecraft.

    Prom Plus

    1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month


    Ms. Oh – Rm 1210

    Prom Plus is a program at CV High School that offers an alternate after prom experience with carnival rides, rock climbing, and so many more activities. This club offers service opportunities as well as jumpstarts your CV experience by having input and planning opportunity in your future Prom Plus.

    The Rainbow Gems Club

    Wednesdays – lunch

    Ms. Avery – Rm 1306

    The Rainbow Gems is a Gay-Straight Alliance whose purpose is to provide a safe, supportive space for all students who identify as part of the LGBTQ and Ally community.

    Stranger Things Club

    Wednesdays – lunch

    Ms. Welsh – Rm 3103

    Season 1, 2, and 3. Watch episodes and discuss strange goings-on.

    Studio C Comedy Club

    Thursdays – Lunch

    Mr. Kwong – Room 8302

    Watch and discuss clean comedy performed by byuTV standup comedy studio C cast.

    Tobacco Talks

    Wednesdays – 3 – 4 pm

    Ms. Hutchinson/Mr. Gang – café

    All students are welcome to come and learn from a guest speaker about how harmful tobacco is in all of its forms, plus much more information on how to handle situations where you might feel pressured to try something that is not good for you. Check with your science teacher to see if you can earn extra credit for attending these talks

    Track & Field

    TBD – 3:00 – 4:30

    Davis - Amphitheater

    Track & Field is for all GUSD middle school students. Track meet held in late February, holding practices twice a week, covering all the events that will be in the meet.

    Undertale Club

    Wednesday – Lunch

    Ms. Curtis -1314


    Students will play different battle games on computer