• Rosemont offers a variety of opportunities for students to get involved in sports and athletics. Our travel teams compete against other GUSD middle schools in after school competitions. Our various sports clinics offer students the chance to improve their skills. 

  • FALL SPORTS (2022-2023)

    Tryouts are held in September
    Practices & games are September - November

    BOYS BASKETBALL - Coach Tade Keshishyan (kesh.tade@yahoo.com)

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    GIRLS SOCCER - Coach Kevin Neumeier (kneumeier2@gmail.com)

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    GIRLS LACROSSE - Coach Scott Foster (scott44foster@yahoo.com) and Coach Brent Ballard (bballard@gusd.net

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    CROSS COUNTRY - Coach Carolyn Sion (csion@gusd.net)
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    WINTER SPORTS (2022-2023)
    Tryouts are held in November
    Practices & games are December - February

    FLAG FOOTBALL - Coach Hudson Gossard (coachgossard@aol.com)

    VOLLEYBALL - Coach Steve Norkus (snorkus@gusd.net) and Coach Daryl Tanita (dtanita@gusd.net)

    SPRING SPORTS (2022-2023)

    Tryouts are held late in February
    Practices & games are April - May

    BOYS SOCCER - Coach Kevin Neumeier (kneumeier2@gmail.com)