The goal of Glenoaks Elementary School Emergency Disaster Plan is the protection of students and employees should a major disaster occur. The plan identifies members of the school’s disaster teams and outlines responsibilities. The plan is updated and revised annually by the school’s Safety Committee. In accordance with Glendale Unified School District’s policy for the release of students during an emergency, parents can expect the following procedures to occur at Glenoaks School.


    Basic Action Following A Disaster (Earthquake)

    • When it is safe, teachers and students will evacuate the building and go directly to their designated classroom line-up area on the middle terrace playground.
    • Teachers will take roll and report the names of the missing or injured to the school emergency center.  All students will put on their identification/emergency release tags.
    • School teams (Search and Rescue, First Aid, Triage, etc.) will report to their stations.
    • District employees will remain with and supervise students until they are picked up.

    Student Release Procedures

    • Students will remain with their grade level and be supervised by a certificated teacher.
    • Parent or adult picking up the student will go to the Student Release Gate near the Auditorium for verification and sign out.  Student Information Cards will be checked at this gate to verify release information.
    • Students will be released to a parent or adult at the Student Reunion Gate near the Kindergarten playground.

    Please make sure... 
    that your child’s emergency card is kept current at all times. Notify the school office IMMEDIATELY if there is a change of address or phone number.

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Last Modified on March 29, 2017