Traffic & Parking

  • Glenoaks Boulevard is a busy street.  It is critical that drivers keep in mind the safety of our students as they are dropped off and picked up from school. Students and adults must use the crosswalks and not cross in the middle of the street.  Please use caution and drive slowly in the vicinity of our school, observe parking restrictions and do not double park. Violators risk being cited by the Glendale Police Department. 

    To avoid the congested area at the front of the school, students may be picked up and dropped off in the drive through lane in front of school or the one accessed by Mt. Carmel Street and Eden Avenue. 


    After school, students may wait for their ride in the lunch court area.  If there are too many cars waiting and your child is not already waiting, you may be asked to drive around the block.  There is no parent parking on campus.  

Drop Off Valet

  • Please help us with morning school drop off!   


    We need volunteers to assist students in the drive-thru drop off lanes.  This service is called "Valet Service".  


    This volunteer position will be tasked with simply opening car doors and helping kids get out of the car safely and as quickly as possible.  This service strives to make the drive-thru lanes efficient and safe for both students and parents alike.


    How will this volunteer opportunity be shared among the Glenoaks' families?


    Each classroom will be assigned a week* and room captains will ensure that their assigned week is filled by parent/family volunteers from that classroom.


    Yellow safety vests will be provided by the school and volunteers are encouraged to utilize these.  We need 3 parents/adults for the front drop off lane and one parent in the back drop off lane. 


    Based on the number of classes and the school year schedule, each class is only responsible to cover "Valet Service" for a maximum of 2 separate weeks during the entire school year.  It is a small ask, but has the potential to have a huge impact on the safety and flow of morning drop off for our kids.  Other GUSD Elementary Schools have similar processes and it has been very successful at these other sites.  



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