• Glendale Unified School District
    Information for Parents/Guardians and Students
    2017 - 2018

    July 1, 2017


    Dear Parents and Guardians,


    This information handbook is full of important information about Glendale Unified School District’s policies, regulations and procedures as they relate to your student’s and your rights and responsibilities in a California public school. Please take the time to review the information contained in this handbook and return all of the mandated forms that are enclosed within.


    Your student’s school must confirm that every family has received and reviewed this handbook. There are four forms that must be signed and returned by all families. Form 1 – “Acknowledgement of Parental Notification Requirement,” Form 2 – “Annual Notification of Uniform Complaint Procedure,” and Form 3 – “Custody Law Notification.” Additionally, the school must receive verification that you and your student understand and will abide by the “Electronic Information Services (EIS) User/Parent or Guardian Responsibility Contract,” Form 4. There are also other important consent forms for you to consider and return to the school if they apply to you and your student.


    The Glendale Unified School District is committed to having every classroom staffed with a highly qualified teacher. The District works hard to recruit, hire, and retain the best teacher for every grade and subject. As a recipient of Federal Title I funds, the District is expected to ensure that every teacher at every school is highly qualified, as defined by the Federal Every Student Succeeds Act.


    In addition, parents of students who attend a Title I school have the right to request and receive information on the professional qualifications of their student’s classroom teacher. Parents may also request information on the professional qualifications of educational assistants who may provide support for classroom instruction. If your child attends a Title I school and you would like more information regarding the qualifications of your child’s teacher, please contact your school principal.


    Thank you for your interest and involvement in your child’s education.


    Sincerely yours,



    Kelly King, Ed.D.

    Assistant Superintendent Educational Services


    Jacqueline Perez, Ed.D.

    Assistant Superintendent Educational Services



    Parent Handbook 2017/2018