• Welcome to the Rosemont Counseling Department
    Counseling Office
    818-248-4224 x1260
    7th Grade
    Mr. Paul Gillespie
    7th Grade Counselor 

    8th Grade
    Ms. Allison Brown
    8th Grade Counselor 
    Our Rosemont Counselors are here to help. Counselors help in 3 major areas:
    Social, Emotional, and Academics
    Conferencing: Students, Parents, Teachers
    Peer Conflict Resolution
    Communication Skills: tools for appropriate interaction with each other
    Social Media: safety, opportunity to be kind vs hurtful, temporary vs permanent, appropriate use
    Placement: scheduling into appropriate courses
    Support with teachers, tutors, and parents
    Interventions to help students succeed
    Guidance with goals/organizational skills/time management/motivation
    College/Career resources available
    Promotion requirements