• Welcome Incoming 7th Graders!
    School Motto: Honor, Excellence, and Pride
    The 2020-2021 7th Grade Course Catalog is now available!
    This 2020-2021 7th Grade Course Catalog has been prepared to help you in planning your educational schedule for next year. The required classes are listed below and the elective classes are described in the Catalog. Elective classes are available for all students.
    English or English Language Development (ELD)
    World History
    Life Science
    Physical Education (PE)

    All required classes are scheduled for one full year. For details regarding the content of each class, please refer to the California Standards on the California Department of Education website at www.cde.ca.gov. or www.corestandards.org/.

    Elective classes described in the Course Catalog may last one-semester or one-year, based on the course.

    Every effort is made to accommodate each student’s elective choices. Due to staffing, enrollment and/or program conflicts, this may not be possible, and alternate electives may be assigned.

    Rosemont suggests the use of a Reminder Binder. It assists students with organizing their work and recording homework. It is also an important tool to keep parents informed. Rosemont rules and guidelines are published in the front of the book. Parents and students should review these pages together.

    Please download the Course Catalog as needed: 7th Grade Course Catalog 2020-21