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    Instructions for Returning Students



    Dear GHS Students and Families:


    Welcome Back To School!


    You are receiving this information because you have selected to return to campus for Hybrid Instruction beginning Monday, April 26. If you feel this is incorrect, please email me at bwolf@gusd.net from a parent’s email address and indicate your student’s name, grade level and student id number.


    On-campus instruction will take place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Students are to stay home on Wednesdays and Zoom into their classes. (Students that were in an FLC, Facilitated Learning Center, will continue to come onto campus on Wednesdays). Click here to see the new schedule.


    Please read all of these directions very carefully:


    COVID Precautions


    1. Masks. All students MUST wear a mask at all times. If a student loses or damages their mask we will provide them with one. Masks may be removed briefly to eat or drink and those directions are in the Food/Drink Section below.




    2. Social Distance. All students must maintain 6ft Social Distance at all times. Classroom desks have already been spaced appropriately. Passing Periods are for using the restrooms and eating a snack while moving to the next class, not for congregating in large groups. Students are not allowed to touch each other for any reason.


    Social Distancing


    3. Food/Drink. Students may remove their masks while outdoors to quickly eat a snack or take a drink but then must immediately put them back on. While in a classroom they may only remove them for eating/drinking for a maximum of 1 minute and only with the teacher’s permission. If a teacher does not wish to allow mask removal the student may ask permission to step outside briefly to take a drink. Snacks will be provided to all students who want one when they enter campus and lunch will be provided when they leave to take home with them. Vending machines will not be operating.


    4. Hand Washing Stations have been installed throughout the campus and all Classrooms and Stairwells have been provided with Hand Sanitizer. Students are encouraged to wash their hands frequently and may be required to use Hand Sanitizer or sanitizing wipes by each teacher as they enter their classrooms.


    Hand Washing


    5. It is recommended that students bring a full water bottle with them each day. Refill stations are available.



    Any violation of these rules may result in the immediate return to online instruction only.



    Entrance and Exit from Campus


     Click to Open PDF of Map


     Map 2021



    1. All Students can arrive no earlier than 8:40 A.M.  (Students with a Zero Period Class can arrive no earlier than 7:45 A.M.)
    2. Students will enter and exit campus at 4 different locations depending on their Last Name.  Students with Last Names beginning with A-D will enter through the gate between the Glendale Performing Arts Center and the Main Office on Broadway.  Students with Last Names beginning with E-K will enter the Main Gate between the Office and the 2000 Building.  Students with Last Names beginning with L-P will enter through the Main Verdugo Parking Lot and use the gate between the 2000 building and the Cafeteria.  Students with Last Names beginning with Q-Z will enter through the Main Verdugo Parking Lot and use the gate between the Cafeteria and the 4000 building.  Each entrance will have a sign with the corresponding Last Name Letters.
    3. All Students will be Health Screened as they enter.  Parents and Students will be receiving an email each morning from RUVNA with 4 Health Questions.  If the student or parent answers NO to all 4 questions they will be cleared to come to school and will get a barcode on their phone which will be scanned in at the entrance while their temperature is also checked.  A barcode will be generated no matter who answers the questions.  Students need to check their GUSD email every morning before they come to school in order to answer the Health Questions.   If a student or parent answers YES to any of the questions they will not be cleared and will need to stay home and join their classes online.  If a student fails the temperature check at the gate then their parent will be notified that they need to return home.  If a student does not have a smart phone to be scanned then they will answer the Health Questions at the gate.  Using a phone will greatly speed up the process of students entering campus so Please Have your Bar Code on the screen and ready to be scanned.
    4. Each day as students enter they will have the option of taking a snack which they can eat during any of the passing periods.  Students may also bring their own sealed snacks to eat during any of the passing periods.  Students may remove their masks briefly to eat or drink while they are outside. 
    5. Each day as students leave they will have the option of a “grab and go” lunch for them to take home and eat.  No students will be allowed to eat lunch on campus.
    6. Students must leave campus at the end of their last class.  If they have sports practice later in the day then they will return.  More details will be provided by their Coach.
    7. Parking: There are no parking spaces available for students.


    Classroom Instruction


    1. Students must adhere to distance guidelines while in class and may not leave their desk without permission from their teacher.
    2. Students will need to be able to access their Google Classrooms and all of the other programs and applications they have been using during distance learning as they will still be working with their peers who have remained at home. In order to access all of these programs on our network a Chromebook is required.  Chromebooks must be brought to school each day and taken home each day so a backpack is highly recommended.  If a student had not already checked out a Chromebook they will need to do so and we will be emailing that information home.
    3. Students must attend all 4 days. (5 if they are in an FLC) Students may not pick and choose which days to be in person.
    4. Zero Period: Any students who have a Zero Period Class with either Mr. Martinez, Ms. Rangel or Ms. Palmer may go directly to their classroom.  All other Zero Period students must report to Room 4202 for their Zero Period Class.
    5. Only 1 student may leave class at a time to use the restroom with a pass.




    All students who have elected to return to campus are part of an email group along with their parents.  Important information is regularly sent out via email from the school so it is important that both students and parents regularly check their email.  Parents please make sure you have an accurate email address on file with the school.  If you need to make any changes you may call GHS and give us an updated email address. 



    Thank you and we can’t wait to see you!





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Voluntary COVID-19 Testing Schedules at GUSD School Sites for Staff and Students

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