Top Dog Awards for our Top Readers!!!

  • Reading Bulldog

    Congratulations to the following students who earned the "Top Dog" Award for being the top readers for our school.  These students earned the highest number of AR points for reading, and demonstrating strong comprehension of the books they read independently.  We honor the top 3 readers in each grade, and the top 3 readers overall for our primary and upper grades.  These students work exceptionally hard in school and know that reading is the key to their success!  


  • Congratulations to our Top Dog Medal Winners!

    Overall, Top Readers in K-5

    Gold Medal - Narek Harutyunyan, Grade 5 - 1009 Points

    Silver Medal - Grigor Gasparyan, Grade 4 - 1001 points

    Bronze Medal - Ashot Martirosyan, Grade 4 - 419 points


    Top Readers in K-3

    Gold Medal - Roman Vardanian, Grade 2 - 300 points

    Silver Medal - Penelope Cowan, Grade 3 - 258 points

    Silver Medal - Benjamin Babakhanian, Grade 1 - 216 points

    Bronze Medal - Maneh Artounian, Grade 1 - 204 points