Physical Education

    Mrs. Amanda Dyer
    Good Evening Everyone,
    Congratulations on completing your first week!  But on with the business...
    We are trying to determine the best way(s) to give the links to you each week for PE, ART, and Music. The shared doc that was sent by Teaching and Learning may not work well for you. On that note we are adding a PE Google Classroom for grades 4-6 to access the links for each PE lesson. I welcome any feedback that you have.
    Today I created a PE Google Classroom which we would like you and all of your students to join. In the classroom there will be links to the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday PE lessons put in as each one becomes available. 
    • Please join for yourself as a student before Monday with the code below.
    • Please copy and paste the links found in there and add them to your class agenda for the week as they become available if you feel that is a good way for them to find it.
    • Be patient as those links are not in my GC yet. We are still finishing videos.
    • On Monday, if possible please direct your students to join the PE Google Classroom with the code below.
    • Ideally you can guide them to join during live instruction.
    • The PE Google Classroom will be evolving and we will slowly add additional content and resources for students.
    • Please understand that the videos for upper grade are being created by the teachers and our goal is to have them loaded by Thursday or Friday of each week.
    Here is the link for Monday if you do not already have it.
    I will try to add the links for Wednesday and Friday to the PE Google Classroom later today.
    Please email me if you have any questions or concerns and thank you again for your patience and understanding.
    Physical Education Teacher
    Horace Mann Elementary School, Cerritos Elementary School, and Columbus Elementary School
    Glendale Unified School District