• Dear Families,


    I hope you all are safe and well. Please tell your child that I say hello and think of them every day. Moving forward, my email address should be your main form of communication with me. If you have not contacted me already, please email me to confirm your email address and let me know your preferred method or methods of instruction. You may choose one or more of the following:


    1. General Practice and Pre-recorded Video Lessons at your own pace (msodell.com)
    2. Specific Practice at your own pace (I can email you assignments)
    3. Individual Live (scheduled) Lessons (using Zoom)*
    4. Group Live (scheduled) Lessons (using Zoom)*
    5. Daily or Weekly (scheduled) Check-ins (using Zoom)*


    *Please note if you would like a live (scheduled) lesson or check in you and/or your child will be responsible for logging in at that time. If that is not manageable you may want to choose options 1-3. 

    I will make every effort to meet the specific needs of your child and your family to the best of my ability. I know this is a difficult and complicated time. We all have something different that makes our daily lives more challenging. So please just do what you can, when you can. I will let you know any specific updates and/or requirements as we receive them from the special education department.

    I am available Monday- Friday between the hours of 8:00am- 3:00pm, unless I am in remote meeting. If you have any questions while your child is completing their work, feel free to email me during this time and I will reach out to you as soon as possible

    Take care,

    Ms. Odell :)