Join Our Email List

Join Our Email List

  • Glendale Unified School District uses a system called Blackboard to communicate with students, parents, and community members. You can sign up to receive messages via email and/or app push notification. Follow the instructions below to join our email list and download the Glendale Unified app.


    Join Our Email List - Current Students and Parents/Guardians


    If you are a current student or the parent/guardian of a current student and do not already have an email address on file in our ParentConnect or StudentConnect portal, please visit our school office to add your email address to your file.


    Once your email address is on file, you can edit your email and other contact information anytime by logginging into our ParentConnect or StudentConnect portal.


    Join Our Email List - Extended Families and Community Members


    Complete our online form to create a Blackboard account and sign up for our community mailing list. Be sure to check the box to indicate from which school(s) you would like to receive emails. You can sign up to receive emails from multiple schools and the Glendale Unified district office.


    ** Note that at this time the form cannot be edited once it has been submitted. In the future, you can unsubscribe from emails by clicking "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any message or you can change your email settings by calling the Glendale Unified Public Information Office at (818) 241-3111 x1218. 


    Download the Glendale Unified App


    Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the Glendale Unified app and sign up to receive messages from our schools and/or district office. Open the app and select "Settings -> Follow Schools -> School Name -> Receive inbox messages" to sign up to receive push notifications from our schools.