TIger Times

Tiger Times
  • Logo by Mane Boghazian

  • Tiger Times is Thomas Jefferson Elementary's first student publication. Created in 2019, it is run by a group of enthusiastic and talented upper grade students who cover the best of Jefferson – both through words and through art. With on-the-ground training, the students also get to sharpen their writing and reporting skills at a young age and can be useful for their future. 


    Editorial Board

    Karina Marzpanyan
    Eliza Galstyan
    Shadiq Iqbal
    Matthew Chirinian
    Yolanda Valdez
    Anais Khachatryan
    Evan Eisman-Vasquez
    Nareg Isaghoulian
    Emili Shaginian
    Aileen Madatyan
    Emil Shamirian
    Anahit Kazaryan 


    Ben Dionisio
    Armineh Alexan
    Chris Stanley
    Marine Avakyan
    Terry Medina