TIger Times

Tiger Times
  • Logo by Mane Boghazian

  • Tiger Times is Thomas Jefferson Elementary's first student publication. Created in 2019, it is run by a group of enthusiastic and talented upper grade students who cover the best of Jefferson – both through words and through art. With on-the-ground training, the students also get to sharpen their writing and reporting skills at a young age and can be useful for their future. 


    Students in Tiger Times 21-22

    Erika Abrahamyan
    Nare Aghanian
    Knarik Babayans-Isaluy-Zami
    Matthew Chirinian
    Eliza Galstyan
    Aileen Madatyan
    Silvi Galstyan
    Areg Hakhverdian
    Shadiq Iqbal
    Ryan Issagholian Hadany
    Ellen Karamyan
    Kaylee Mehrabi
    Emili Shaginian
    Ani Vardumyan
    Ruzanna Stepanyan
    Hovik Vardanyan
    Milena Khacheryan
    Elen Agramanyan
    Raffi Avetisyan
    Nane Galstyan
    Mane Galstyan
    Camila Garrido-Rodezno
    Samuel Johnson
    Melanie Shahverdian
    Eden Petrosian
    Nairi Hakopyan


    Ben Dionisio
    Armineh Alexan
    Chris Stanley
    Marine Avakyan
    Terry Medina